The Paintings will be created by an unconventional and extraordinary artist Dr. L. Prakash, also India's most Prolific Author.


This is an example of what I offer

Above is my photograph taken on my way to Kerala. It was shot in a petrol bunk. I decided to introduce sea and sand behind the coconut trees. The following is the result


This is the final product properly framed.


This 36" x 36" (90 cm x 90 cm) Acrylic and Oil on Canvas painting is a proud display on my bedroom wall.


Here is your opportunity to get your cherished, memorable and favorite photos converted into a valuable painting created by an unique and extraordinary artist Dr. L. Prakash.



The small photo was taken during my childhood and features my sister and myself. The canvas painting of 36" x 24" (90cm x 60 cm) permanently restores my childhood memories


A photo and painting of my parents taken when they had visited the Singapore Zoo many years before

This picture as you can appreciate is damaged along its upper and lower edges.



I have made a 36" x 28" (90 cm x 70 cm) painting which is held by my assistants. You can appreciate that all damages have been corrected and the edges smoothed.


This photo was taken during my recent visit to Kerala.

I have repainted it as a 36" x 48" (90 cm x 120 cm) big painting. Once framed, it will be a wonderful piece of art for any wall.


If you have liked what you have seen so far and are interested in getting your favorite photographs converted into memorable and extraordinary oil/acrylic on canvas paintings, Please read on. The following are the commonly asked questions about my services.


What type of photos or images do you work on?

You should send a clear/good photograph taken by a camera or a mobile phone. If you are sending a scanned photograph, please ensure that you scan it at 300dpi or more. In case of mobile or camera photos, send the largest file size. Please remember to send your pictures as jpeg images.


How Long will you take to paint my picture?

I take between two to three weeks depending on the commissions I am handling and the complexity of the picture.


How much do you charge for the paintings?

The price depends on the size chosen by you.

Price List


18" x 24" (45cm x 60cm)

Rs. 3,500/-

24" x 24" (60cm x 60cm)

Rs. 4,500/-

24" x 36" (60cm x 90cm)

Rs. 6,000/-

36" x 36" (90cm x 90cm)

Rs. 9,000/-

36" x 48" (45cm x 60cm)

Rs. 12,000/-

Other extra large sizes up to 72" x 72" (180cm x 180 cm) are available and I will be happy to quote you the prices


Yes! Your prices excite me? Please tell me how to go ahead?

Choose an appropriate photo or photos. choose pictures which have more of faces than background. Follow instructions given in answer one. Attach your picture as a jpeg image and email it to I will evaluate your photograph and send you a confirmation mail. You then need to send a token advance of Rs. 2000/- by bank transfer. The paintings will be ready in two to three weeks. Once the paintings are ready, we will email you the photos of the same. Once you are completely satisfied, you pay the remaining balance and your paintings shall be despatched in a special cardboard tube, by courier or speedpost to reach you in a couple of days.


Can I collect the paintings from your office?

Yes! You can make payments and collect the paintings from our office in Nerkundram, Chennai.


What materials do you use for these paintings

I use the finest Trister - colman artists canvas which will last hundreds of years


I also use the finest professional art material to give you a product which will not only last your life time, but will also be cherished by your future generations.


Are the paintings supplied with a frame?

No! Framing these paintings will make them too bulky and unwieldly to transport. Excellent framers are available in all places and you can get these photos framed suiting your budget and the location you plan to hang it in.



Can you show some examples of your work?

This is an old black and white photograph of my parents taken about forty years ago.


And here is the color portrait created in 32 " x 36" (48cm x 60 cm)

This is an old photograph of my parents taken outside my house

I converted it into a stunning 36" x 28" (90cm x 70cm) painting. Even without a frame, you can appreciate its elegance. Such big portraits are suitable for bedroom or living room walls.

This is an old picture of my mother and father. I have converted it 48" x 36" (120cm x 90cm) painting.


With my assistants holding the canvas, you can appreciate the size of the painting.


How do i choose the correct size of my painting?

The first constraint of course will be your budget. Once you decide on the rough size, choose rectangular shape for portraits ( 2x3 or 3x2). In case the center of attraction is squarish, choose a square chape (2x2) in the middle of the photograph. I will evalutae your photo and send you an email, giving you a preliminary idea of the size best suitable for you.


Are these pictures a good investment? Will they appreciate in value? How popular is Dr. L. Prakash as an artist?

I am a self taught artist and have invented this unusual form of art. My paintings are currently being sold through prison bazzar and select galleries.

However as far as appreciation in values is concerned, though my neutral subject art works have steadily appreciated in value, it is doubtful if you personal paintings will have any! Your uncle or girl-friend's painting is probably invaluable to you but is of not much worth to a stranger on the street. Thus these paintings are wonderful gifts to you or your loved ones, which will give you a great joy and pleasure!


What are the common uses for these larger paintings?

You just have to put your thinking cap on and you will find numerous applications.

A. Pleasently surprise wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, colleague, parents, etc., by presenting their stunning portrait on any occasion.

B. What better way to flatter your boss than by giving him a personalized gift of his own portrait.

C. Stunning displays in your living room or bedroom which will give you endless joy.

D. Pull out that dusty old photo of your dead departed granny or grandfather and watch it magically transfrom into a big painting!

E. Just put your thinking cap on and you will soon find hundreds of brilliant ideas and places to hang these wonderful and extraordinary paintings!


What about the artist's signature and certificate of authenticity?

Each painting is signed and dated by me. In addition each painting is also accompanied with a bill and certificate of authenticity.


Are these paintings available without a signature?

If for any reason, you dont want the artist's signature on the painting, I will be happy to supply them to you unsigned.


Can you show a few more examples?

The above photograph was taken in my backyard last year.


This is a 24" x 18" painting (60cm x 45cm) the smallest size of painting I draw.


This was a portrait photo taken about six months ago.

This is a canvas painting 18" x 24" (45cm x 60cm)

A recent photograph of my sister

A stunning painting 24" x 36" (45cm x 60cm)


Do you guarentee complete satisfaction with my paintings?

Yes! I guarentee you full satisfaction. That is why you just pay a token advance of Rs. 2000/- with your order. You pay the balance only after you are completely satisfied with your painting. In case you dislike your painting for any reason whatsoever, we will be happy to refund your advance!


What about changes in background, dresses, colours etc.,?

I am open to suggestions. Along with the photo, please send a note with your ideas which I will incorporte. We will work out an ideal creation to satisfy you!


Do you have a helpline or human agent?

You can call M. Babu, Manager, Banana Books at 9840182450, and he will answer your queries.


How do I place my order?

Just send us a preliminary email along with the photograph as a Jpeg attachment. Also indicate the size you require. I will send you a quotation and then you can bank transfer Rs.2000/-. I will send you the photograph of the painting once it is completed and you get the product in about three weeks from placing your order.


I look forward to painting your pictures.


29, Karuneegar Street, Nerkundram,

Chennai - 107, Tamilnadu. India.

Phone: 044-29001193, Mobile: (0)9791020615




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