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Latex Skin Rubber

Designed and Developed by Dr. L. Prakash, Pralatex S is a whitecolored, water soluble, liquid latex rubber for make up and special effects. Pralatex S is freely mixable with acryliccolors to match every skin shade
One Part, Air Drying, Water Soluble, Liquid Latex Rubber
Available in Two Packs

  • 100 grams – Rs. 125/-
  • 1 Kg – Rs. 999/-

100 grams latex covers an area of one square foot in one brush coat. So each small bottle will cover one face completely.

Uses of Skin Rubber

Rubber skins can be painted layer by layer over face, skin, body parts, or sculptures to provide realistic texture, surface and effects. A wide variety of special effects can be created with Pralatex S. horror masks.. TV serials.. Movie sets.. Haunted house.. Theme parties etc..


Handing of Pralatex S

Use synthetic hair brush or finger application. Wash hands and brush with running water frequently. Allow each layer to dry before applying the next layer. Use of hair dryer helps quick drying. See videos on youtube for various Rubber effects and face mask making techniques.


Shelf life and storage conditions

An unopened sealed bottle will retain the rubber for a year. Once the bottle is opend, the contents should be exhausted in a month.


Health Care and Handling Precautions

Latex is a safe Rubber and a natural product. Though it has aaharp ammonia smell (fish odor), it is non toxic, non irritating hypoallergic compound. Test a small patch on skin to ensure that you don’t suffer from Latex allergies.


Videos are available on Youtube (Tutorials & Methods)


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